Practice your English at home

Why don´t you try to do some of the exercises found in these links? Good luck!

Revision time! Click here for some interesting exercises.

Exercises, activities, exams and more links here.

And of course: one of the most complete sites on the net: the BBC worldservice to learn English.

And why not try some of these interactive grammar exercises? Or these.

Explanations and exercises divided into skills (Speaking, Writing, Vocabulary...)

Grammar for beginners in www.learn-english-online.org.

Listening links

Listening exercises for all levels.

Interactive fairy tales from all over the world. Choose a story and listen to it while you read the subtitles, karaoke-like.

Modern English for every day situations and at normal conversational speeds. American accents.

Several listening activities for students of English.

A fill-in-the-gaps exercise on Harry Potter’s trailer!

Other movies and video clips

Songs with gaps to fill while you listen.