Work on your pronunciation

What? Are you saying that you don't understand the phonetic symbols yet? That you find English pronunciation difficult? That there's no way to guess how to pronounce a word?

No more excuses!

Now you have YAKIToMe! A wonderful site that speaks back to you. All you have to do is:

- register (it's free)
- type (or copy and paste) a text and push the PLAY button.
- or upload a file (doc., pdf., txt.) and push the PLAY button.
- and listen! They will read your text aloud with a nice, understandable pronunciation.

Finally, if you want, you can also convert it into an audio file and take it with you in your mp3 player. Isn't it great?

Hope you make the most of it.


Modal Verbs: let's play!

Hi again!

Today we'll revise modal verbs.

Some of you were asking for a sort of summary or table about modals. Here you can download a very complete one.

Do you prefer a complete lesson? Click here to access one.

Would you like to test yourself? Here and here you have some exercises. Also here and here.



Songs to improve your English

Do you like songs? Do you use them to improve your English?
Here is a site where you have lots of quizzes arranged by levels. Have an example to see if it's useful for you. Select the right word in each question, and finally click on "See how you did" to check your answers. Finally, you can also look at the transcript to read the lyrics of the song.