Hi everyone!

We're nearly through unit 4 and ready to get started with unit 5. Today we'll mix content from both units:

- giving directions
- and party language

Can you guess what we're going to do? We're going to invite our classmates to a party at home. Click here to access the page and follow the instructions. Remember to include directions on how to get to your flat / house!

By the way... Who's cooking? (I can already imagine a person or two)


Language in Ads

Have you ever noticed the amount of COMPARATIVES and SUPERLATIVES we get in ads?

Try to match the following slogans with their corresponding products. Good luck!

“Coffee at its best”

Gillette razors

"Probably the best lager in the world"


“The best a man can get"

Apple Computer

"The happiest place on Earth"


"Be the best"

Coca Cola

"The toughest job you'll ever love"

Carlin Black Label lager

“Keeps going and going and going."


“No battery is stronger longer."

Maxwell House coffee

“Think different"

Peace Corps

“The lighter way to enjoy chocolate"

Energizer Batteries

“The real thing"

Nescafé Gold Blend

“Your best bet for a fuller flavour"


“The most trusted name in news"

British Army

"Good to the last drop."

Duracell Batteries


Present Perfect Vs. Past Simple

Hello everyone, it's time to revise the verb tenses...

Would you like to listen to the explanations from the BBC? Then visit their Grammar Challenge page here.

If you prefer to read, click here to access a thorough explanation of the Present Perfect.

You can also do exercises here and here.



Fashion fundamentals

I know you are all looking forward to listening to Kool Keita again. Who is Kool Keita? The stylist we listened to in class the other day! Don't you remember? He spoke about what is HOT and what is not.

Listen again and feel free to explore other videos too. Click on the following links to access them:

- Fashion fundamentals.

- Fashion Dos and Don'ts.

- And your favourite: All about Shoes.

But remember! It's dangerous to become a fashion victim.