10 "English things" to do this summer

Are you short of ideas on how to keep you English alive this summer? Here you are a few:

1. Watch short videos and do exercises in Lingual.net and Yolango (you have to sign in for the second one, but it's worth it).

2. Find an exchange to speak and write to. Some possible websites are Shared Talk and My Language Exchange.

3. Do an online course in Livemocha or Mango Languages.

4. Revise English grammar with comics here. Make comics yourself here or here.

5. Are you brave enough? Read and listen to stories here or here.

6. Test and learn vocabulary here: The Internet Picture Dictionary.

7. In the mood for playing? Then try these games at BBC and Wordpower. Play Scrambled Sentences here.

8. Would you like to practice your Writing skills? Try this website to create a fairy tale, make a poem here or visit this site to get general advice on writing, tools and games.

9. Want to go a step further? Learn what Proofreading is here.

10. Finally, why don't you go back and read old posts in this blog? I'm sure you didn't have time to check it all. Scroll down and try clicking on "Older Posts" to access what has been published all year. You can also look for posts in the "Topics" section on the left.

Enjoy your summer and good luck with English.




Toffler said...

Hi Laura,
Another site for learning English that you can recommend to your students is: www.italki.com. It's totally free. They can find language exchange partners, files and online textbooks for studying English, as well as ask and answer questions about learning English or Spanish.
Good luck!

stephanie said...

Hi Laura,

Another language learning resource to add to the list is www.edufire.com. I'm a student on the site learning Spanish but there is a variety of tools for English education as well. check it out.

TheOneLaw said...

Add one more - it is not (strictly speaking) a site for learning English but rather an opportunity to practice English.
Anyone interested can send an email to friends@ the-one-law.org for more information on the events planned.

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