Health Websites

Hi there again!

Do you remember the activities we did last week? You can do some more on the Internet. Try the following websites:

- Click here if you want to access an interactive site for children: you can read about getting ready for hospital, getting treated and getting around. Lots of vocabulary and fun activities!

- A similar interactive site for children here.

- General health vocabulary + images here and here.

- Would you like to have the transcriptions to the words read aloud? Healthy habits read aloud (karaoke style) here.

- An interactive tale about going to the doctor here.

- Conversations at the doctor's here.

- How to make an appointment here.

- A telephone conversation here.

Hope you enjoy!
Take care.


Anonymous said...

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Laura said...

Hi Laura! Thanks for your nice comment. Give it a go! It's really worth it.

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